Facility Rentals

Please note: no online reservations are being accepted at this time.



As of May 1, 2021, Starport is resuming limited operations following the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.  The purpose of this document to establish guidelines for all reservation requests at the NASA-JSC Gilruth Center (Bldg 207).  The indoor (ballroom and meetings rooms) and outdoor (pavilion) reservations must adhere to all current JSC/WSTF COVID-19 guidelines and requirements.   

Of note are the following items (which are subject to change as the situation evolves):

  • Capacity limits for all indoor/outdoor areas
  • All individuals must wear a mask and practice physical distancing – only exception for brief periods of eating or drinking
  • In accordance with CDC guidelines, individuals shall practice spatial distancing and remain 6 feet apart


During Stage 2, only reservation requests for NASA organizations or Starport Partners will be considered.

Reservation requests shall be sent to gregory.j.dellalonga@nasa.gov no later than 10 business days prior to the event. If the event requested is outside of Phase I hours (Monday-Friday 6 am – 7 pm; Weekends 8 am – 5 pm) a minimum of 15 days’ notice is required in order to accommodate the request. All reservation requests shall be submitted utilizing the Gilruth Reservation Form.* Event approval has been delegated to the NASA Exchange Starport Operations Manager and must be obtained prior to reservation confirmation.

*Please note: the Gilruth Reservation Form must be downloaded before it can be submitted. If you try to complete the form using the web browser, it will not work correctly. 


Any events that plan on using catering at Gilruth must utilize only those caterers that are on the approved Gilruth Center Caters List https://starport.jsc.nasa.gov/en/rentals/catering. If another caterer not currently on the approved list is desired, arrangements can be made to add that caterer to the approved list. Additionally, guests are also permitted to bring their own food and beverages to any reservation at Gilruth. At this time, only individually sealed food and drink such as box meals, sealed single servings, canned drinks are allowed to be served at Gilruth. During Stage 2, catered food such as self-serving buffet lines, shall not be permitted. 

Beer and wine are allowed at the Gilruth. Hard liquor is not allowed. For events under 50 participants, JSC guidelines allow guests to self-serve beer and wine for their event. However, for any event with greater than 50 participants where beer and wine will be served, a certified Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission server must be retained. A list of certified servers is available from Greg Della Longa. There is a charge of $25/hour. 


Under Stage 2, the following are the maximum capacity for each indoor/outdoor space available for reservation requests at Gilruth:


Facility Rental Pricing (back to top)

Additional charges may be applicable for reservations outside of Starport's standard business hours.

*For offical business purposes.

Ballroom/Conference/Classroom/Pavilion Recreation/Sports/Fitness Facilities
  NASA Event *Starport Partner Non-Partner and/or
Non NASA Event
Hourly           FREE 50%               $125
Daily (8 hours) Note: Additional charges may apply  for reservations outside of Starport's standard  business hours.            FREE 50%               $1000
Hourly           FREE 50%               $55
Daily           FREE 50%               $440
Hourly          FREE 50%               $43
Daily           FREE 50%               $345

Classrooms/Conference Rooms


Hourly           FREE 50%               $30
Daily           FREE 50%               $240
PAVILIONS (Live Oak, Bluebonnet)
Hourly           FREE 50%               $20
Daily           FREE 50%               $160

Available Equipment/Services
Projector (laptop not included) FREE
Projector Screen FREE
Table Cloth/Linen Service Caterer Specific
Stainless Steel Grill (Pavilions) $20 rental
Dance Floor
Small (18'x18') $300
Medium (24'x24') $400
Large (30'x30') $500
Portable Stage $100
  NASA Rental *Starport Partner Youth
Basketball/Volleyball Gym
Hourly  Limited Availability 50% $45 $50
Daily (8+ hours)  Limited Availability 50% $360 $400
Youth Baseball Field
Hourly  FREE 50% $35 --
Daily  FREE 50% $280 --
Softball Field (3 Fields Available)
Hourly  FREE 50% $25 $30
Daily  FREE 50% $200 $240
Soccer Field
Hourly  FREE 50% $35 $40
Daily  FREE 50% $280 $320

Available Equipment/Services
Field Lights (per hour) $5
Field Lining (per field) $15
Portable Mound (SB Fields) $15 hr/$75 day
Sound Cart $10 hr/$50 day

Starport Staff Coverage

Beer/Wine Server (no hard liquor)

$25 per hour

$30 per hour

Double Starport Staff Coverage $25 per hour
Gymnasium Floor Covering
(Required for catered events)