Welcome to the Gilruth Center and the thrilling sport of PICKLEBALL!

We have 3 USAPA regulation indoor pickball courts. They are lined in blue.

We also sell JUGS indoor pickleball at the Gilruth Center front desk for your convenience!



$10 per month or $114 per year

Day Rate for guest - $10

Weekly Rate for guest - $15

Family member discount

  • First member full price
  • 10% second member
  • 15% off each additional member

Intern discount - 15% off

Senior Discount (60+) - 15% off

*Discounts cannot be combined


Paddle Rental: $3

Jugs Indoor Pickleball For Sale: $2 per ball


As we continue to grow, our mission at the Gilruth Center is one that mirrors the USAPA’s code of conduct with a few additions.

Every person involved in pickleball (participant, official, volunteer, representative, and spectator) agrees to the following:

  1. I will promote and respect the game of pickleball.
  2. I will foster a community of pickleballers with the highest intentions.
  3. I will not move a paddle unless it is my own. Players are limited to only placing one paddle in the stack rotation.
  4. I will not be involved in unsportsmanlike conduct or encourage others to do so.
  5. I will not act in a way that would endanger the health, safety or wellbeing of others.
  6. I will not use foul language or obscene gestures.
  7. I will treat others and myself with respect.
  8. I will play fair and honest.
  9. I will not brag about my position.
  10. I will follow the Golden Rule of doing unto others as I would have them do unto me.
  11. I will abide by the Gilruth Center Code of Conduct and demonstrate proper housekeeping and facility tidiness. This includes the floor and equipment.

The above Code applies in all situations that relate directly or indirectly to pickleball play.



Hours are subject to change with very short or no notice due to NASA/Starport Events. However, when possible, advance notice will be given.


  • 5:15am-8am (open gym - gym could be shared with another activity)
  • 8am-11am (Pickleball only) – 3 courts
  • 11am-2pm (Basketball only)
  • 2pm-5pm (open gym - gym could be shared with another activity)


  • 5:15am-8am (open gym - gym could be shared with another activity)
  • 8am-2pm (Pickleball only) – 3 courts
  • 2pm-5pm (Basketball open gym only)


  • Upon availabilty only. Call the front desk at 281-483-0304







League Season: Every Saturday morning from February 29 – May 9, 2020 (10 weeks). There will be no games on April 4.

What If I Can't Play A Certain Week? Substitute Players

On Thursdays, a planned absence sheet will be available inside the gym (next to the score sheets) for you to record your planned absences ahead of time. The league commissioner will work with the player to find a sub. 

Description: Each week, all players will play three 15-point doubles games in a round robin format. Players will be placed in foursomes of similar skill level based on their ladder ranking. Ladder rankings are derived from your winning percentage (the ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move up or down the ladder based on their winning percentage. The results of the 10 most recent weeks of play will be used in this calculation.

Match Scoring: At the end of each game, players will enter their scores on a score sheet which will be located on a designated table within the gymnasium. Once written, you will be responsible for totaling your 3 scores and initialing next to your total.

Equipment: Gamma Photon Indoor neon green balls will be provided during Ladder League play.

Publishing Scores/Ranking: The individual scores/rankings will be published on  imleagues Pickleball league website and sent via email no later than Monday of the following week. The scores/rankings will also be posted inside the gymnasium.

10 weeks of competition. You may enter or exit the ladder at any time. 

Cost: $20 per player - Gilruth member. $25 per player – non-Gilruth member. Drop in/Sub price for non members - $10.

Registration period: You may register anytime throughout the season. First week will start February 22, so get your name in by February 17 to be included in week 1.

Where to register: Register online, the Gilruth front desk, or calling 281-483-0304.


8am-9am – Optional warm up
9am-10am – Group 1 plays
10am-11am - Group 2 plays
11am-Noon - Group 3 plays or free play depending on the number of players. 

Prizes – Champion prize at the end of the 10 weeks.

Refund – There will be no refunds.


Ladder leagues are designed so that players play mostly with others of similar skill levels. Player rankings on a ladder is based upon your winning percentage (the ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning percentage. The results of the ten most recent weeks of play will be used for this calculation.

Each week, players will be placed in groups of 4-5 in the order of their ranking on the ladder for match play. You are expected to play every week unless you inform the league coordinator that you will be absent. All players will play three doubles games in a round robin fashion with the other three players of the foursome. At the start of the game, players will decide who starts serving first and choice of side.

Missed matches will not be made up. Player point percentages are based on matches that are actually played. The ladder league is designed to be a perpetual ladder with no particular start or end date. Players can enter or leave the ladder at any time. For example, if a player does not sign up for the next session, they will remain in the ladder, but put on "bye" status and not added to foursomes/league games.

After games have been played, players record their scores on the score sheet that is available on-court and at the front desk. The individual scores and the total for all three games will be posted. There is a maximum of 45 points because you do not have to win by 2 points.

Playing percentage

Playing percentage is based on the number of points scored divided by the number of points possible (45 for a 3-game match of 15 points per game). The Ladder program tracks players’ rankings to eliminate major “bouncing” up and down the ladder. For instance, if you are a new player starting at the bottom of the ladder and your first score is 45, your percentage would be 100. Logically, your next match would be against the top players, which may not be in everyone’s best interest. So the program has a built-in ONE-FOURTH rule which RESTRICTS a player’s movement to no more than one-fourth of the ladder regardless of their percentage. Hence, one week you could have 85% and be ranked below a player who has 75% because you moved up only 1/4 of the ladder positions from where you were. The reverse holds true going down the ladder should you have a very bad day. The ONE-FOURTH rule overrides your percentage.you could have 75% and still be ranked higher than someone with 80% because you moved down only 1/4 of the ladder positions from where you were. An "R" for "Restricted Position" appears next to the percentage on the Standings page.

Drew Dobbins, M.Ed., CSCS
Director of Sports Leagues, Clubs, & Outdoor Recreation