Background Checks

Youth Instructor Background Check Policy

All youth instructors, coaches, and volunteers who are involved with a sponsored NASA Exchange-JSC event or activity and have direct unsupervised contact with minors must take a criminal background check as stated by the Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 265, Subchapter B, Rule 265.12. Background checks will be mandatory before hiring.

  1. As required by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), any organization requesting a background check on a consumer for any purpose outlined in the FCRA must obtain a signed Authorization Form from the applicant.
  2. Take online background check issued by the NASA Exchange-JSC.
  3. If approved, sign instructor contract with the NASA Exchange-JSC.
  4. Take an online child abuse training course prior to start date. Issued by NASA Exchange-JSC.

*Background checks are required to be renewed ever 1 year.

*Background checks will be paid by the instructor for $20. Please allow up to 72 hours for the results. A NASA Exchange-JSC represenative will let you know the results. 

*Upon a successfull background check, an NASA Exchange-JSC represenative will email you a free Child Abuse Awareness Training video that will need to be completed. Send the completed certificate to the represenative for filing purposes. 

Use the links below to complete your background check process:

Authorization Form
All instructors must fill out this form and return it. Click here to open the form

Parental Consent Form
Must be filled out by a parent/guardian if instructor is under the age of 18. Click here to open the form. 

Background Check
Must be completed by all instructors. Click here for the online application form. 

Contact info: Drew Dobbins,, 281-483-8049