Bollywood Dance

One of the hottest dance styles around, Bollywood Dance is a fusion of traditional and classical Indian dances with the influence of some jazz, hip-hop and modern dance. In this class you can expect to learn the basic moves, timing, rhythm and sharp controlled movements that make Bollywood so expressive.  Sign up today and get ready to move like Miss America, Nina Davuluri, who performed Bollywood dance as her talent in the 2014 competition. 




Class Details: 

  • 4 Week Class
  • Saturdays
  • April 22nd-May 20 (no Class on May 13th)
  • 11:45 AM-  12:45 PM
  • $60 Early Registration (thru April 14th)
  • $75 Late Registration (April 15th-22nd)


About the Instructor:

Pooja Joshi began dancing at age 5.  She is the co-founder of Jhankaar-PoojAkruti Dance school in Buffalo, NY and has choreographed over 30 dances and performed many different dance styles including Bollywood, Semi-Classical and Folk Dance. Pooja is very excited to join the Starport Recereational Learning Program and teach Bollywood Dance to you and your daughters on Saturday mornings at the Gilrith Center.