Recreational Learning

Our Recreation Classes are fun, exciting ways to learn new activities, meet new people and stay in shape. These classes require an additional fee but are open to the public. Registration typically begins 3 weeks prior to start date. Sign up at the Gilruth Information Desk for any of these classes.

Refunds are only available if you are dissatisfied with the instructor after the first class. For a class meeting more than once, inform your instructor of your decision to drop by the end of the first meeting; obtain their signature on the back of the receipt and call the front desk @ 281-483-0304 the next working day. For a one - day class, obtain the instructors signature within the first two hours and call the front desk the next working day. A brief description of why you have dropped the course along with a current mailing address and a copy of your signed receipt must be dropped off at the Gilruth Center no later than seven days after the first class. All check request for refunds will be processed at the beginning of the month and mailed out from the business office.