Outdoor Adventures

Welcome to Outdoor Adventures. The purpose of this program is to offer and promote outdoor recreational activities for adults and families. We are currently building a distribution list of people who are interested in local, state and nationwide trips including: hiking, camping, rock climbing, biking, kayaking, fishing, ski/snowboarding, and more. These include day, weekend long, and multiday trips. We hope this attracts all types of people from the novice to more experienced who enjoy the fresh air and meeting new people! 

We are open to ideas for activities and trips, so let us know!

If you have a particular set of skills and are interested in instructing or leading a trip, make sure to contact us!

If you want to be added to an email distribution list, contact drew.p.dobbins@nasa.gov or call 281-483-0304. 

Process for signing up for Outdoor Adventure Trips

(the steps below are for larger weekend and multiday trips. Local and one day activities may be different, such as a simple RSVP form)

1. The Staport lead staff person will gather information and logistics for the trip up to 6 months in advance of the trip.

2. Information, logistics and pricing about the trip will be sent to distribution lists, JSC Roundup and the Starport Facebook page. This information will include a ‘sign-up list’ which is basically an interest/want to go list. No money collected.

  • This sign up list will be posted for up to 1-2 months. For local activities, this will be far less. 
  • After the 1-2 months, the Starport lead staff person will follow up with participants to determine the number who are committed to going. Most of the time, the number of participants will determine the final price of the trip. The more that go, the less the price...so sign up!
  • Once the number of participants has been determined, an official registration will open, which will give participants time to plan and commit to payment. 
  • Upon initial registration, 15% down is due.
  • Trips will include a payment plan option. Payments due dates will be set per trip.
  • Participants credit/debit card will automatically be withdrawn with the final amount at the end of the month. However, participants may make payments toward the final amount anytime during that one-month registration period.

3. Two-three months before the trip, group preparedness meetings will be scheduled to take place at the Gilruth Center. These meetings will discuss:  what to expect, safety, equipment, proper clothing, flight, any extra lodging (hotels), etc.

4. One and a half months before the trip, an exercise plan will be sent to participants (depends on activity). Group meets twice a week; however, it is recommended that they work out 2-3 more times per week on their own. Five workouts per week.

5. One week before the trip, group meets for any final questions or concerns.

Past Activities

Galveston charter fishing trip

Axe throwing

Houston Zoo Lights

Current Open Registrations

Aliens vs. Astronauts 1k & 5k - Apollo XIII 50th Anniversary theme. 
Postponed until further notice
For info and registration CLICK HERE


NASA Bike to Work Day
May 14
For info and registration CLICK HERE