Photography Basics

Photography Basics is Starport's flagship photography class with NASA Photographer, Bill Stafford.  This introduction to photography will get you extremely comfortable with your digital camera! 



Class Information

  • 5 Week Class
  • February 4th - March 3rd
  • Tuesdays  
  • 6:00 - 7:30 PM
  • Gilruth Center - Lone Star Room
  • Required:  A digital camera that can be set to manual

Registration Information

  • Early Registration:  $90.00 (through January 31st)
  • Standard Registration:  $110.00 



  • Digital camera that can be set to full Manual Settings
  • Have or have access to a computer
  • Familiarity with Adobe Bridge or other photographer program encouraged, not required


What to bring to class:

  • Digital camera
  • Memory Cards
  • Charged batteries
  • Owner’s manual for camera


Class 1:

  • Intro to the plan for the class (here is what we will do for the next 5 weeks)
  • First class is getting the "eye" for photography, what makes up a photograph? (Composition, Exposure, Focus, etc.)
  • Review examples of photos and discuss ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture.
  • Get in groups and practice composition, exposure, and focus technique
  • Homework: take several pictures of the same thing but change the ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture and will critique next class


 Class 2:

  • Composition
  • What is Composition and how does it affect your photos
  • Visual Psychology -  what is it and how this affects your photos
  • Review images from students for ~30 min..
  • Homework: Use Composition elements to make photos for critique.


 Class 3:

  • Lighting
  • Color Psychology, what it is and how it affects your photos
  • Natural lighting and how to use it.
  • review images from students for ~30 min.
  • Homework:  Take several photos with emphasis on Lighting and Color


 Class 4:

  • Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
  • Sports, Long exposures, Moving objects
  • Review images from students for ~30 min.
  • Homework:  Portfolio Prep, get ready to showcase your best work!


 Class 5:

  • Review of the class / show best of…
  • Class critique