Creative Writing - Grammar and Mechanics

Whether you’re a writer or a student, everyone can benefit from learning the rules to follow when it comes to punctuation and grammar. What’s parallel structure? Why does anyone care if your verbs change tense? When’s the last time you dangled a modifier? Learn what the rules are – and how and when to break them.




Class Details:

  • One Day Workshop
  • Saturday, September 15th 
  • 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
  • Discovery Room
  • Pizza Lunch Included 
  • Early Registration - $60 (until September 7th)
  • Standard Registration - $70 (September 8th-15th)
  • Appropriate for Students and Adults  (Under 16 - parent or guardian must remain in the building)


About the Instructor:

Katherine Sanger was a Jersey Girl before getting smart and moving to Texas. She's been published in various e-zines and print, including Baen's Universe, Black Chaos, Wandering Weeds, Spacesports & Spidersilk, Black Petals, Star*Line, Anotherealm, Lost in the Dark, Bewildering Stories, Aphelion, and RevolutionSF, and edited From the Asylum, an e-zine of fiction and poetry, and Serial Flasher, a flash fiction e-zine. She’s a member of HWA and SFWA. She taught English for over 10 years at various online and local community and technical colleges.

You can check out links to Kate's many, many blogs at or find her at Facebook( or twitter @ KatherineSanger).