BBQ Brisket "Pit Master" Workshop

Learn how to make the perfect brisket just in time for the Super Bowl while spending some quality time with fellow BBQ enthusiasts. In this 3 hour workshop by Brisket U, you can expect to learn everything from choosing the right cut of meat and the right woods, smoke profiles, trimming and rubbing as well as proper cooking techniques. Upon completion, you will be a 'Pit Master" and your prize winning brisket will be the talk of the town – or NASA!  Sign up today and save $20 with the early registration discount.


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REGISTER NOW -  Just $79 (through Janaury 11th)


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About the Instructor

BrisketU’s Lead Pitmaster, Scott Valdiviez, developed his passion for BBQ and smoked meats as a result of being raised in a family catering business.  Those many long Texas nights around a BBQ pit, smoking a variety of beef, pork and exotic game with the family, progressed into the regular hosting of family and friend functions that helped him perfect his technique.  A welder by trade in the oil field industry, Scott began building custom pits on the side for friends and customers and eventually turned that skill into a career as the Head of Production for a national BBQ pit manufacturer, furthering his knowledge in the pit smoking arena.  Scott now takes another step forward in his continued passion for the perfect smoked BBQ by passing his proven knowledge and expertise on to the students of BrisketU, a class developed to encourage novices and experienced meat smokers-alike to learn the best practices to become a true Texas “Backyard Pitmaster.”