Engineering World Health


EWH is a non-prophet, which works to inspire, educate, and empower the biomedical community to improve health care in the developing world. It provides opportunities for students and professionals to travel abroad, be trained in medical equipment repair and local culture, and work in hospitals in developing areas. The organization also trains biomedical engineers, and has partnerships with universities across the world. Locally, EWH brings educational building kits to schoolchildren to learn technology, electronics development, and hands-on engineering skills.

As the Space Center Chapter, club members would be able to participate in trips and events, providing their expertise to people abroad. They would be able to run community events with local schools here, and come up with new ways to improve knowledge transfer to/from the developing world.
There are many EWH chapters across the country, but this would be a unique extension of the network. The formation of this club would be a step in bridging the gap between incredible knowledgebase and skilled people we have at JSC aimed towards space, and an organization that works to improve things for people here on Earth. In this way, club members will benefit from learning about, and contributing to, quality of life at home and abroad.

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