JSC Contractors - Starport Partners

Congratulations, your employer has sponsored your membership which will now give you full access to Starport until March 1st, 2022. To view a list of all participating Starport Partners please click here

Please note – some participating companies have caps on how many employees they sponsor, so if you are unsure if you qualify please reach out to your HR or call us at 281-483-0304 and we’ll make sure you are taken care of.


Who is the membership for?

  • For me – your company has covered your fees. Please make sure your Activenet account is up-to-date and you have downloaded our Starport app or logged into our member web portal to register for your timeslots (please see below for more info)
  • For a family member – have a family member who would like to workout with you, sign them up now online
  • For multiple family members - update or create your Activenet account, then come on in and we’ll help you get the best value
  • For your student on summer break - update or create your Activenet account, then come on in and we’ll help you get the best value. Read more about our Student Summer 2021 Membership here.


Signing up and registering for your timeslot

Please note

  • Currently, reservations are required to workout in the Strength & Cardio Center or participate in any group exercise class (please read below for more info regarding our new app and member portal).


Step 1

New to Starport

Returning Members

Create an Activenet account online here

Update your Activenet account online here. All returning members will have an account

Add family members by clicking on the “Manage Family Member” link on the bottom right of the “My Account” page

If the system recognizes your email address and you do not know or have forgotten your password, click on the forgot password link and follow the steps to reset it. The same email address cannot be used for multiple accounts


Please make sure your info is correct by clicking the “Edit” link beside your name – Fill in all the fields and click save button


Step 2

Setting up Your Membership

If you were registered pre-pandemic your all set, you will only have to set-up your reservations (see below for more details)

If you are new to Starport, please create an Activenet account online here

Come on in to Starport and we’ll get you all set up on the right membership


Step 3

Reserving Timeslots

Download the Starport app by searching for “Starport” or “NASA Starport” in the Apple app store or Google Play store or join our member web portal here

For complete instructions on downloading our app or signing into our member web portal and making reservations, please click here


Need additional help, please call 281-483-0304 and we’ll be glad to assist you