2017 Membership Drive

If you have a current Starport membership, you automatically have an online Starport account! PLEASE DO NOT create a new online account. All Memberships can be renewed online, even though certain memberships must be initially purchased at the Gilruth Information Desk.

To renew your Starport membership, please follow the steps below:

1. Did my company renew their Starport Partnership?
  • Check Here to ensure your company renewed their 2017 Starport Partnership.  If your company is on the list, you are all set!
  • If your company has not renewed yet, please contact your HR representative to ensure you get your Starport Membership privileges.
  • If your company chooses not to renew in 2017, you may still purchase a Non-Partner Membership.
2. Accessing your online account for the first time
  • Click "Forget your password?"
  • Type in the email address you used to when you signed up at the Gilruth Center.
  • If you do not remember the email address you gave, please call the Gilruth Information Desk at 281-483-0304.
  • Click "Submit"
  • A temporary password will be emailed to you!
  • Once you have your password, CLICK HERE to log in!
3. Before you renew, it is important that you update/verify your account information
  • Log in to your account
  • In the top right corner, select "My Account"
  • Under "Account Information," select "Change Account Address or Personal Information"
  • Verify that your name is listed and spelled correctly
  • Verify your mailing address
  • Verify your Civil Servant/Contractor status (more information)
  • Verify your primary email address
  • Verity your emergency contact information
  • Verify your gender and date of birth/age category


Sign up for a NEW Free Starport Fitness Membership

Free memberships are available to NASA JSC Civil Servants and Starport Partner Employees. Employer verification is required to obtain your membership.

Download, print, and complete the Starport Membership Application 

IMPORTANT:Bring your membership application AND your employer badge to the Gilruth Information Desk. If your company does not issue a badge, please bring a document for proof of employment.